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Leave the technical matters of your events to us! As a general contractor, we handle all of the technical planning for you, as well as negotiations with additional suppliers, artists and/or their technicians or management. On location, we take the entire responsibility for the delivery, mounting and dismantling as well as the operation and support of all temporary and fixed technical installations.

Due to our longtime and extensive business relations, there is hardly a venue in Switzerland we aren't familiar with, and we have worked with most event companies, organizers and artists. Your next event will benefit from this, too.

11 30. Schupfart Festival 2012 (Truck Stop)

30. Schupfart Festival 2012

LIVESOUND congratulates the organizer Velo-Moto Club Schupfart on "30 years Schupfart Festival". Thank you very...
04 Metal Festival Wetzikon (Motörhead)

Metal Festival Wetzikon 2014

This slideshow symbolizes the last monster weekend with 6 parallel productions throughout Switzerland perfectly.
01 Bligg "Bart aber herzlich"-Tour 2011

Bligg "Bart aber herzlich"-Tour 2011

Mit dem Konzert in Lörrach vom letzten Freitag fand die attraktive und erfolgreiche "Bart aber herzlich"-Tour...
01 PostFinance Mitarbeiterfest 2010

PostFinance Mitarbeiterfest 2010

Dieses grosse, alle 2 Jahre statt findende Fest für sämtliche Mitarbeiter der PostFinance stand dieses Jahr ganz...
04 28. Open Air Gampel 2013 (Biffy Clyro)

28th Open Air Gampel 2013

This 28th edition of Open Air Gample will surely enter history as one of the most successful one. LIVESOUND thanked the...
01 Swiss Music Awards 2013

Swiss Music Awards 2013

"And the Swiss Music Award 2013 goes to..." While this sentence was spoken a firm tenseness could clearly be...
06 Stephan Eicher Kulturhof-Schloss Köniz

Stephan Eicher at Kulturhof-Schloss Koeniz

The picturesque premises of the Kulturhof-Schloss Koeniz had been converted into a concert area especially for an exclusive...
01 Krokus - The Close Contact Dög Tour 2013

Krokus - The Close Contact Dög Tour 2013

After over 30 years, Krokus returned with their "The Close Contact Dog Tour 2013" back to the Volkshaus Zurich and...
17 Einweihung Amman-Hofer-Platz in Interlaken

Einweihung Amman-Hofer-Platz Interlaken

Es kommt gewiss selten vor, dass lebende Künstler für ihr Schaffen mit einem eigenen Platz geehrt werden. Für...
12 Vans Warped Tour 2013, Festhalle Bern

Vans Warped Tour 2013, Festhalle Berne

Last Saturday, the Vans Warped Tour came to a stop in Switzerland for the first time ever. At Festhalle Berne a total of 22...

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